Philanthropic marketing perspective:

Philanthropic communications is a whole different mindset.

“I ended up firing every big marketing firm in town. They just couldn’t make the shift to understanding the nonprofit stakeholder. Whether someone buys Colgate or Crest doesn’t help me with their charitable giving motivators.”

Barbara Clark-Galupi
Prinicipal Consultant, Creative !mpact
Philanthropic marketing perspective:

Every volunteer wants to say it right.

“Fundraising is all about the message.  Volunteers are not fluent in nonprofit communication, especially if they have to explain in their own words why to give.  From the executive director to the board member, everyone is anxious to say it right.”

Joe Skvara
Principal, JS Consulting
Philanthropic marketing perspective:

Case statements’ practical value ripples through an organization.

“I found myself returning to our case statement over and over, pulling passages for letters, speeches, presentations, proposals – the impact went well beyond development. Having an agreed-upon point of view made all our communications easier, sharper, more focused and consistent.”

Susan Tomlinson Schmidt
MPA, CNP, President, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Philanthropic marketing perspective:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of development success.

“Many organizations look for an easy route to fundraising success, when more rigorous attention to message and communications is what they need.  If you communicate effectively up front who you are, then your cultivation can be focused on those genuinely attracted to your mission.”

Andrew W. Hibel
Founder and President, The Advise Us Foundation
Philanthropic marketing perspective:

Organizations don’t have needs…donors do.

“Institutions often make the mistake of talking about financial need – but what does that have to do with me?   Organizations must ground their communications in the idea that they don’t have needs, donors do – the need to make a difference.”

Edith Falk
Prinicipal, Falk Consulting LLC