Milwaukee is known as a great, family-oriented community: People here know that giving to a family member in need is not only the right thing to do, but results in a warmer and stronger family environment that benefits everyone.

Fair enough.  But there’s a special group among us who take this even farther… who see all of us as family.  These people extend their giving spirit to the community at large – and the result is a warmer, stronger metro Milwaukee.

We’re talking about the thousands of people who donate their time, talent and treasure to make our community a better place…the people who will be celebrated locally and nationwide on November 8, National Philanthropy Day.

Here in Milwaukee, the day means lifting up six inspiring philanthropists who exemplify this giving spirit – and the rewards that come from it.  At one end of the spectrum is veteran donors Pat and Joan Kerns, who are leaving an enduring legacy through gifts to Aurora Health Care; at the other end are tomorrow’s philanthropists, represented by 8th grade Girl Scouts Michaela Miller and Madison Sveum, whose bright-eyed excitement about philanthropy has benefited Tosa Cares and half a dozen other causes.

In between are do-gooders of every type:  from the area’s top volunteer Donald W. Layden, Jr., to high-impact donors James and Yvonne Ziemer; from the energetic fundraising of the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) to the area’s most dedicated professional fundraiser, Shannon Watry of Junior Achievement.

Join in celebrating their inspiring stories at the November 8 National Philanthropy Day luncheon, presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter.

Just think of it as a family reunion for your extended family:  metropolitan Milwaukee.

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